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Pride in the Arts: 10 Ones To Watch

I was determined to regain some mojo at the start of lockdown, and swiftly lost it for a multitude of reasons. However, in a bid to try get inspired again, I thought I would turn my attention to Pride in the Arts.

As many of you will be aware, June is officially Pride month (even though every month should be Pride month!) In 2017, I wrote about My Pride – and therefore Pride is important to me. For I sit somewhere on the flag myself, as do a huge number of my friends and inspirations. Equally, the arts is another thing of huge importance to me. Both the pride and arts seeming go hand-in-hand, therefore I thought I would highlight a few of my favourite Pride friendly Films, TV series and stage shows. If you’re lucky there may even be crossovers!

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Quarantine Q&A: Only Fools and Horses

I’m taking a leap of faith and challenging myself to do more questions and answers/interviews – especially in the midst of all the lockdown mania. I want to encourage my own creativity and confidence, as well as keep the conversation of theatre alive, and get to know a few of my favourite performers a little better with some fun questions.

Therefore, I figured what better place to start than with one of my favourite shows on the West End of the past year, Only Fools and Horses Musical. I was thrilled when three fabulous cast members agreed to join in the fun and get involved with my Quarantine Q&A.

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10 Stagey Dream Casts

For musical theatre fans, ‘dream casting’ is a common occurrence. The premise is simply when people pluck ideas of which actors they would like see play specific roles! Therefore, I thought I would share some of my dream casting ideas.

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5 Underrated Musicals

It’s no secret that I love musicals. I appreciate all shows, and I believe they are all a success in their own way. However, I thought it would be fun to showcase a handful of shows that I feel are slightly underrated and deserve a little bit more love and appreciation.

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Isolation Entertainment

The world is in a strange and scary place now, I’m approaching the third week of lockdown here in the UK. Adjusting to my new life of sharing a house with my parents and dog 24/7, working from home, unable to physically socialise, see shows and all the normalities we didn’t realise we took for granted.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom as there are a few means of Isolation Entertainment going on so I thought I’d share some of my favourite things I’ve spotted that have been raising a smile as I spot them.

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Short Films

Short films are wonderful. Though, with masses of TV, film and other leading entertainment forms; they often easily get forgotten about and unfortunately rarely seem to get the platform for the masses to see. Unless you’re a film buff, you may not even be entirely sure on what they are or that they even exist.

If you aren’t aware, short films are fairly self-explanatory. It’s a motion picture that isn’t long enough in running time to be considered a feature film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences deems a running time of 40 minutes or less as a short film. Therefore, I decided to share a small handful of my favourites. 

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5 Reasons To See… Come From Away

This is a post I’ve intended to write for a very long time, but for some reason, failed at achieving. However, since Come From Away has recently celebrated one year on the West End, welcomed in a new cast and won a What’s On Stage Award for Best New Musical; I thought it was time I made up for my sin by at long last writing a blog about this brilliant show and why you simply must buy a ticket to see it.

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Best of 2019

I confess I’ve been really slack on the blogging front for 2019. As with the way life often goes, I started strong and slowly let life takeover. It’s been a busy year. I’ve tried to focus on me and where I want to take myself. It’s not easy, but I’m slowly trying to find my path.

However, I’ve had a year jam-packed with plenty of adventures. Therefore in a bid to keep up the tradition, I decided to once again highlight some of my favourite moments, shows, films, events and more for 2019!

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The Season

I’m such a huge fan of all the wonderful work the New Wolsey Theatre does, and I feel so lucky to have them as my local theatre. Their efforts in supporting new work, diversity and variety is inspiring, and many other theatres should follow their lead. Times certainly do keep changing, and it’s great to see; but there’s still a way to go. I try to see as much as I can in their beautiful space, and I’ve seen many great productions there this year, and over the past few years. Therefore, when I heard of the brand-new musical The Season making its premiere here, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

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