For musical theatre fans, ‘dream casting’ is a common occurrence. The premise is simply when people pluck ideas of which actors they would like see play specific roles! Therefore, I thought I would share some of my dream casting ideas.

Though I will warn you, I’m not the best at this. I am usually pretty rubbish at connecting who I think will suit certain roles, but by using a handful of my favourite actresses (and lone actor), I tried to match them to some roles that I love, think they would really suit, and I’d be curious to see them in.

  1. Dianne Pilkington as Mrs Lovett (Sweeney Todd) – In realistic terms, she’s probably got a good few years still until she can pull off playing her as she’s still blessed with youthful looks. However, I’d just be really curious to see her play a slightly meaner comedic role and have in a rather different vocal role to what I’ve seen her do. I think she’d be a fabulous Mrs Lovett!
  2. Sharon Sexton as Madame Thernadier and Rob Fowler as Mr Thernadier (Les Miserables) – I can’t help but imagine the endless fun and hilarity that would ensue with this duo as the Thernadiers. I would love to see them both play the mean comedic roles and jigging around to Master of the House in the craziest of costumes!
  3. Samantha Seager as Rita O’Grady (Made in Dagenham) – I know I mention this show at any given opportunity, but ever since this idea hit me, I’ve been slightly desperate to see it happen! I think Samantha has such a ‘Rita’ look about her, and she’s such a strong and fierce character that I think Sammy would nail the embodiment of her beautifully.
  4. Jennifer Hepburn as Becky (Waitress) – Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that Becky is often cast as POC and I think it suits the character perfectly, but having heard Jennifer Hepburn singing a number of Waitress and Sara Bareilles songs (including I Didn’t Plan It), I can assure you Jen would be a dreamboat of a Becky.
  5. Natasha O’Brien as Sloane (Bat Out Of Hell) – An unusual choice maybe, but I would love to see Natasha take on the fierceness of Sloane and hear her belting some epic rock tunes. I think she would be so brilliant, especially in those Red Stilletos…
  6. Caroline Deverill as Margret (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie) – Ever since I heard a few friends discuss the idea, and saw a cameo of her singing “If I Met Myself Again” this is a casting that the world really deserves. I think Caz would bring such a wonderful soft sincerity to the role of Margret.
  7. Lisa Bridge as Roxie Hart (Chicago) – I don’t know how or why this idea struck me, perhaps her Isolation Musicals have got me thinking of what I’d like to see next, and I think she’d do a fabulous job as Roxie rocking Chicago.
  8. Pippa Duffy as Mrs Banks (Mary Poppins) – Another one that needs a little waiting in terms of casting bracket, and I’m aware it’s quite a supporting role but I can’t help picturing how adorable Pippa would be at “being Mrs Banks”.
  9. Kirsty Hoiles as Raquel (Only Fools & Horses) – This idea mostly came to me due to the fact a friend found out she played Raquel in the original Workshop. While I don’t doubt it changes a lot from workshop stages, ever since we unearthed that fact, we have been really eager to see that as we think it would be an excellent casting choice!
  10. Mazz Murray as The Witch (Into The Woods) – I essentially plucked this idea by looking at cast recordings and thinking of a few of my favourite actresses, and now I’m wondering how I didn’t think of it sooner? Knowing Mazz reigned superior as Killer Queen in We Will Rock You for many years and having seen her play the Evil Stepmother in R&H’s Cinderella, Mazz’s growls and hisses would be bewitching as The Witch!

Of course this is all just a matter of opinion, for a little bit of fun as I miss theatre. Also I’m sorry for the lack of males – but I’m far worse at dream casting them! Besides, we gotta cheer on the girl power, right?

Anyway, that’s my 10. What are your dream casts?